The Lord is in His Holy temple. The Lord sits on His throne in heaven. He sees everything that happens. He watches people closely.


Psalm 11:4

Do you know the purpose of a CCTV camera? It is to watch over closely the safety of establishments. Most importantly, it observes the people going in and out – to attend to possible harm as it happens – and record video evidences.

Same thing with our Abba Father in Heaven. Even though He is in the Holy temple and sitting on His throne, He sees you up close. He can bypass space. There’s nothing far from His reach and sight. He does not just watch us closely but He cares about our safety from all kinds of harm – whether physically, emotionally or spiritually.

What amazes me about God is: He already knew what will happen and had already provided safety precautions when struggles and disappointments come our way. With God, we don’t end in defeat but always in victory. We just have to learn to listen closely to His voice by constantly reading, hearing and meditating on His word. You’ll know that He directs your steps in a daily basis.

Disappointments and trials play a very large role in our lives. Both has its way on keeping or losing our courage and faith. But when you look at it in God’s perspective, disappointments may imply that you are placing your hope in the wrong place or person.

One example is the life of Leah (Genesis 29). She wasn’t the ideal girl of Jacob so she strived that if she could give Jacob a son, he would finally learn to love her – but it didn’t happen. Jacob still loved Rachel more than her until Leah bore her third child. Leah was discouraged and disappointed but she realized that she was placing her hope on the wrong thing. As she gave birth to his fourth, she named him Judah implying that this time, she’ll place her hope to God – who has blessed her with four beautiful sons. If you have read the story, Leah was not the charming person guys would fall for easily but despite that God favored her.

Disappointments come when we strive to do things on our own, following our own will rather than seeking God for His. The good thing is that God sees us and will turn disappointments into something good. Trials are key to mold us and put our dependency to God who has overcome the world.

God knows everything we go through. He watches over us 24/7 of the time. He knows the desires of our hearts, the struggle, the disappointment, the highs and lows and our very own heart. And He’s the God who is faithful to His promises.

The moment you decide that His will be done, fully surrender yourself into His calling and let alone be Him to fully navigate your life, everything will be added into your life. You just have to fully trust the God who watches closely over you. No plan and purpose established by God will ever mean for your harm, it always leads us to come closer to Him.

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