Lord my God, I come to you for protection. Save me from those who are chasing me.


Psalms 7:1 ERV


9Stop those who do evil. Support those who do good. God, you are fair. You know what people are thinking.
10God helps people who want to do right, so he will protect me.
11God is a good judge. He always condemns evil.
12-13If the wicked will not change, then God is ready to punish them. He has prepared his deadly weapons. His sword is sharp. His bow is strung, drawn back, and ready to shoot its flaming arrow.
14The minds of the wicked are full of evil; they are pregnant with wicked plans, which give birth to lies.
15They dig a pit to trap others, but they are the ones who will fall into it.
16The trouble they cause will come back on them. They plan harm for others, but they are the ones who will be hurt.
17I praise the Lord because he is good. I praise the name of the Lord Most High.


Psalms 7:9-17 ERV

Every day the enemy is everywhere, wherever you go, whatever you do he will try to bait you, distract you, steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10a) your day, joy and your life. He is like a wild animal that’s looking for someone to devour.

We are already aware of his tactics, we know how he moves, but we still need to be vigilant in his all his plans on how to turn us down. Because Satan will never stop bothering your thoughts and ruining your feelings. But whatever he will do to wreck your life. He will never succeed in his plan/s. Because we have a God who’s always watching us, ready to help us in time of troubles. We may not feel the presence of the Lord in the situation wherein, know that the power of the Lord is in control of the situation. God will never leave you, nor abandon you. No weapon formed against you shall prosper! Be still and know that He is God. The battle is the Lord’s.

We cannot fight Satan in our own ways. Because me, myself is also powerless. The best thing we can do to fight back Satan is to give all the authorities to God. Let Him be the Father, your protector do His job. God promised us that He prepares the table before us in the presence of our enemies. Even before the enemy plan for something that will crash you. God already provided whatever you need. He goes before you!

The enemy has no power against us. No number of his plans will ever won in our lives. God’s promises are greater than Satan’s intended plan.

See Verse 14-15.

14The minds of the wicked are full of evil; they are pregnant with wicked plans, which give birth to lies.
15They dig a pit to trap others, but they are the ones who will fall into it.

Even if Satan uses people to discourage you, he will neither have a flourishing finish, nor can’t he even go beyond the middle of his plan. Remember that you are always protected and covered with the most precious blood of Christ.
God is good and He will never let anyone hurt us, No one can harm you. You have the Holy Spirit who will help you to discern, that’s why you will never be in trouble (destruction) and most of all God’s LOVE is greater than those enemies’ schemes. Because of that great love of the Lord, God promised us to live life to the full, rich and satisfying.


I will always trust God. I will honor His ways and His will for it will bring me great joy and success in life. I am fighting from victory, not for victory. I will always remind myself that I am victorious and more than conquerors in life, no schemes of enemies will ever win in my life. I am saved. Redeemed. Loved. Blessed. Highly favored. When I am weak then I am strong. I will not let anyone or anything steal God’s blessing in my life. No matter what the enemy throws at me. I know what to do. I will throw him the Word of God.

Satan is like a worm, that when you put a salt in his body he looks like having a convulsion, in just a minute of uncontrollable body shaking, he will be dead right after. So when you feel Satan is just around the corner trying to punch and kick you. Rebuke him and knock him out using the Powerful Word of God.

Lord, thank you for your protection. Your powerful Word, plans and promise are the reason why I can stand firm in the world. I know greater you are than who is in the world. Thank You for Your amazing grace and love that sustains me daily! You will always be my friend I can trust, my Father I can ask anything, and my God I can rely. Thank You for Your 24/7 protection. I am in the safest place because I have You. All praises to You Lord! Amen!

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