10All my enemies will be filled with fear and shame
They will be sorry when disgrace suddenly comes upon them.


Psalm 6:10 ERV

This verse reminded me of having a God whom we can run to whenever we encounter roadblocks in life. It is God reminding us that the works of the enemy won’t stand a chance and will even be sorry for trying to harm us. God has given us assurance that we do not have to be threatened because there is a God who will go before us, the God who will be our shield.

We all know that troubles are present on earth, it will come at any time and at any cost. But God said to “Take heart because He has overcome the world”.  He went through all the sufferings and mockery of people while He was living here on earth and endured it telling us that He is for us. He’s done it on the grave. He has defeated the enemy long long time ago effective until the very present. We should be more aware of the God we serve and magnify that Jesus is our ever-present helper, provider, healer, Savior, and Lord. Holding firm to these assures us that no debt, sickness, fear, worry, and barrier can ever shake our walk in Christ.

The voice of the enemy can be haunting, it will tell you all the lies he can find. It will whisper negative reports through naive people around you or your current situation telling that you are not good enough or qualified for the position you are in, your dream job, or the task given to you. The Bible tells us otherwise that in Christ – we are loved, blessed and highly favored, qualified. We know that through Christ’s strength we can do all things. If anything tells you the opposite, it’s the enemy. Don’t let its voice rule.

In Isaiah says, “No weapon formed against us shall prosper…”

Weapons can be in various forms. They can be people, situations, sicknesses, debts, negative voices, bad reports, fears and worries. These are formed against us by the enemy to keep us from really living an abundant life and fulfilling our calling. But God said firmly that these things shall not prosper. The forces (favor, good health, His promises) of God is stronger that no formed elements in this world could ever defeat. Therefore, if God is for us, then who can be against us? The schemes of the enemy will never win because Jesus is with us and for us. Weapons formed against us are to be filled with fear and shame because it holds no power over Christ who are in us.

The moment you let God take care of your situation, is the moment that these (debt, sickness, bad breaks, fears, and worries) start to shake. The enemy is powerless against God’s overall purpose and plan for His people.

You may be experiencing something that you don’t want right now because it’s hard, it’s tiring or somehow makes you cry and be in pain. But know that the Lord is with you and He will never leave you. The things meant to hurt you will be the things that are going to strengthen you. Nothing that God allows will ever harm you; it, instead, keeps us stronger in our walk and faith in Him. Stay with God.

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