7He’s God, our God,
    in charge of the whole earth.
8And he remembers, remembers his Covenant—
    for a thousand generations he’s been as good as his word.


Psalm 105:7-8 The MSG

Ever had people make you a promise and yet they failed to fulfill it? It’s disappointing when someone fails in keeping their word. Good thing we have a God who never forgets His promises. He never fails to fulfill them at His proper time.


As Psalm 105 says, God remembers and He’s faithful to His Word for a thousand generations. Whatever He promised to us, He will do it. Everything He has said in His Word–the Bible, He will see to it that it will come to pass.


What are the promises you are holding on to? What are the dreams God has placed in your heart? Believe that He is working behind the scenes to make all those things come to pass. Don’t give up just because things aren’t going your way or you can’t see anything happening. Have faith that the same God who made a promise to Abraham that he will be a father to many nations is the same faithful God pursuing you today.


Don’t lose hope. Hold on to His Promises for He will never fail you.  He remembers and He will not stop until everything He told you will take place. He’s been faithful in the past, He will be faithful today to keep His promises.


Abby Bern

Abby Bern

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Abby Bern is a Filipino Inspirational Blogger, a Christ Believer, Singer, Hair & Makeup Artist and a Fashion Enthusiast. She enjoys Traveling, Cooking, Reading Books and Writing. Mainly, She loves to share God’s love and His goodness with her everyday life experiences through her written stories and insights. She intendeds to encourage readers that there’s more to life than this… that we were made for more and that we have a God who’s holding our universe. May these blogs inspire you to live life to the fullest.

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