Everyone has the freedom to make choices. We get to choose what to do in our lives– either to live with a purpose or waste every second of it. Our tomorrow is shaped by the decisions we make today.We are all faced with such situations that will require us to decide what to do, where to go, whom to choose and how to follow. And often times, we question ourselves whether we’ve made the right decision or not.

We made choices we thought was good enough for us but only caused us troubles. We chose to love but we ended up getting hurt. We chose to give but we don’t get anything in return. We chose to trust but we were betrayed. We chose to be selfless but we were taken for granted. So much for choices that turns out to be regrets.

We can choose to lose faith since things don’t go the way we expected. And yet, we also have a choice to keep believing that something good can still happen despite the circumstances. We can choose to self-pity and be stuck in our pain, our past and our problems. And yet, we also have a choice to be happy and grateful for a brand new day. It may be difficult to change the struggles we are facing now but we can choose to stay faithful and hopeful in the midst of it, knowing God is still in control.

I, too, had my fair share of regrets, where I wish I didn’t let it happen, where it seemed such a waste of time and effort. On the other hand, there were opportunities I longed to have given my very best but too late to do so. I also came to a point where I was so lost, hurt, broken, betrayed, unwanted, crushed, challenged, moved one place to another, questioned, name it. So to speak, my life wasn’t always looking pretty and easy. But as I look back to all those troubles, regrets and unfair situations that had to happen, I realized God was trying to do something in me.

If I’d be asked whether I’d be willing to go through my past situations over again, I’d be bold enough to say “YES!” because if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be who and where I am now. My story wouldn’t be so colorful as how it seems to be. People wouldn’t be able to relate to my life if it has been so perfect. It was my mistakes and my wrong decisions that pointed me towards my need of a Savior. I, too, had failures and regrets which makes me as normal as everyone else.

And despite the wrong turns and challenges I had to face, He was all after changing the character in me. He was molding me to be a better Abby–from weak & meek to bold & strong, making me more like Christ. God wanted me to be wiser, gracious and hopeful in any situations I am about to face. He was molding my faith to be unshakable.  I love how James puts this in the Bible,

Consider it a sheer gift, friends, when tests and challenges come at you from all sides. You know that under pressure, your faith-life is forced into the open and shows its true colors. So don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work so you become mature and well-developed, not deficient in any way. (James 1:2-4 The MSG.)

One thing I am truly sure in life, I long only Jesus and nothing more. I used to have everything but what I realized is that money and material things will never satisfy me. I can happily existwithout it. I could also choose to be with any guy who tries to pursue me but then what’s the point if I won’t be able to find the love that only Jesus could give. I could be successful in my career, pursuing what I want but I may not be fully doing what I was called and made to do in Christ. My achievements will not be the basis of my selfworth. I know I had to go through every single situation and was placed under pressure so that my faith will be deeply rooted in Christ alone.

What’s in it for You?

The result of our decisions may be the main reason why we are struggling today. But do know that God will not allow you to remain in that ugly situation. He wants to turn your Wrong Choices and make them Right. It may seem a difficult and unbearable state but have faith, believing that He is working behind the scenes. He will cause those tests and challenges to create a better you.

No matter how terrible the decisions we made in the past, remember that God can turn them into good and make our path straight. He can cause all those regrets, pains, and wrong choices for a greater purpose. It’s okay to fail and be disappointed at times. We are all human beings and it’s no surprise to God that we’ll go through those things. We shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves. For with those failures and disappointments, God can create a message of His faithfulness and love. Remember that God is expert in turning a mess into a message. He is the God of Restoration.

Let’s not be afraid to give life another try just because we failed with the choices we made yesterday. Let’s not be too scared to love, trust and be selfless all over again just because someone did not reciprocate it. Let’s not refrain ourselves from stepping out of our comfort zone just because things didn’t work out.

Know that the next time you have to make choices, you have the wisdom that comes from God. He will guide you along the way and lead you to where He wants you to be. Don’t be afraid to try and fail because no matter what the outcome may be, God can turn it for our good. Be bold enough to face life’s decisions. Have faith knowing that God is with you no matter what.

That’s why we can be so sure
that every detail in our lives of love for God
is worked into something good.




Abby Bern

Abby Bern

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Abby Bern is a Filipino Inspirational Blogger, a Christ Believer, Singer, Hair & Makeup Artist and a Fashion Enthusiast. She enjoys Traveling, Cooking, Reading Books and Writing. Mainly, She loves to share God’s love and His goodness with her everyday life experiences through her written stories and insights. She intendeds to encourage readers that there’s more to life than this… that we were made for more and that we have a God who’s holding our universe. May these blogs inspire you to live life to the fullest.

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