Hush the negative voices. Hush the giants trying to hinder your vision. Hush the whisperers telling you “It’s over”, “You’re weak”, “You’re unqualified”, “Get lost”, “You’re defeated”, “You’re not worthy”, “You won’t succeed”, “Time’s up”, “There’s nothing you can do.”, “Just give up.”, “You’re alone on this.”, “Nobody cares”. All these are lies!!!!!!! Do not let them pollute the Hope planted within you… nor allow them to crash the Faith that keeps you going.

When God fights your battles it doesn’t end in defeat. It ends with a triumphant story that will cause people to see how Powerful, Merciful, Loving & Great He is.

The only reason you are being pushed to the edge is because the enemy is afraid of you. He is trembling that you will become Unstoppable in telling people of God’s faithfulness. He’s the most coward creature in the planet. He’s intimidated of what you can do and what you can become the moment God steps in to your life. What he failed to see is that the more he pushes you to the edge… he is just unleashing the greatness out of you. The enemy may have thought that he succeeded in his schemes to place you on a detour… but know that God is actually leading You to your destiny.

Choose to stay on God’s promises. God has the final say! Even if your situation seems impossible, remember that you have a God who can do beyond the natural. He is a Supernatural God who willingly gave His Son because of His love for you. If He was faithful before. He’s still faithful today. Take heart, Christ has overcome the world.


Abby Bern

Abby Bern

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Abby Bern is a Filipino Inspirational Blogger, a Christ Believer, Singer, Hair & Makeup Artist and a Fashion Enthusiast. She enjoys Traveling, Cooking, Reading Books and Writing. Mainly, She loves to share God’s love and His goodness with her everyday life experiences through her written stories and insights. She intendeds to encourage readers that there’s more to life than this… that we were made for more and that we have a God who’s holding our universe. May these blogs inspire you to live life to the fullest.

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